Diversity and Community Engagement: Mini-Conference & Reception 2010

by Natalie Hambalek

The Center for Community Engagement sponsored the annual Diversity and Community Engagement Mini-Conference in September of 2010. SSU faculty, staff and students attended the Diversity Mapping presentation by Rona Halualani & Associates which was an effort to map all of the current activities, programs, and courses advancing the cause of diversity on campus.

The Diversity and Community Engagement Mini-Conference is geared towards non-profit organizations that specifically serve diverse populations and faculty who are or would like to collaborate with these organizations. In her workshop for the non-profit organizations, Merith Weisman focused in on how faculty, interns and service-learners can align with each organization’s mission and gave a quick guide on how to access the resources of SSU.

Above, the University Diversity Coordinator and service-learning professor of psychology, Dr. Elisa Velasquez-Andrade, converses about possible collaboration with Serene Cooper of Social Advocates for Youth (SAY) and Cynthia Boaz, professor of political science.

The mini conference was followed by a reception in the University Club which was co-hosted by the President’s Diversity Council and the Multicultural Center. SSU faculty and administrators and community partners built connections and relationships while engaging in conversation about needs and assets of faculty and non-profits.

Check out more pictures.


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