Need A Little Help with Coping? Check out CAPS!

by Megan Sicard, Guest Blogger

 Special thanks to service-learning FIG Leadership students in UNIV238 01 for the posts in this special series on resources for those struggling with cancer and their loved ones.

Many students need help finding a support group to help them cope with a friend or family member dealing with cancer but have a hard time finding someone to talk to.  I know that when I was going through my Grandma’s fight with cancer it would have been helpful to have someone to talk to such as this! Well, there are plenty of places to find support here in Sonoma County!  One of the best places for Sonoma State University students to go is the Sonoma State Counseling and Psychological Services or better known as CAPS. It is conveniently located in Stevenson Hall on the SSU campus and best of all it is FREE!

They are open Monday thru Friday from 8:00 to 5:00 and it is easy to make an appointment:  just call (707) 644-2153.  They are available not only for cancer support, but any kind of support needed!  Visit the website for more information.

They will be able to help you and it is a great place to go if you need someone to talk to.  Having a resource such as this is a great way to release your feelings. I greatly encourage any student to use their resources on campus if they feel they need to talk to someone.  The counseling and psychological services can be helpful and just what you need in order to cope in difficult times!


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