New Way to Recruit SSU Students!

Viyda Quiqley (right) of the Sonoma Ecology Center discusses internship opportunities with SSU student Taylor Bonilla (left).

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Do you need interns? Volunteers? Just want to get your name out? Then don’t miss out on Community Partner Thursdays!

A new way to recruit SSU students to your organization brought to you by a joint effort from Join Us Making Progress and the Center for Community Engagement.

To table at SSU:

Step 1: Check the Google calendar to see if your preferred date is available. 

Step 2: Email JUMP with your contact info and preferred date. You might want to send a first and second choice for a better outcome of availability.

Step 3: You will receive an email confirming your date. It will include information about how to get a complimentary parking pass, where exactly the table will be, and what to bring. We will provide a table and two chairs and also help spread the word on campus.

Step 4: Recruit!beccaCapture

Frequently Asked Questions…

1. Where can I find parking?
Click here to view a map. Make sure you stop at the Sonoma State University Parking Booth (in blue) located at the main entrances to pick up your complimentary parking pass. Then find parking at any of the general parking lots (in red). After you park you will go to the JUMP office located in the Student Union (in yellow).

2. Where is the table going to be?
The tabling location will be in the quad in front of Salazar Hall (outlined in orange on this map).

3. What happens if its raining?
If it happens to be raining on your scheduled tabling day, you may set up your table under the awning in front of Salazar Hall. You may also reschedule for another time.

4. What should I bring?
You should bring position descriptions, brochures, information about upcoming events, sign-up sheets, or anything else you may need. Please only bring what you are able to carry as we will not be able to assist you from your car to your table.

4. When is the best time to table?
It depends on what you’re tabling for. If you’re tabling for volunteers for an event, it is best to table 1-2 weeks prior to the event.  If you are tabling for interns, at the end of the semester or the beginning of the semester is best so that students can register for internship units. Usually, campus is the most active during the first and last few weeks of the semester and during midterms. There seems to be lower campus activity during the weeks prior and after holidays. See the academic calendar for these dates.

On the day you’re tabling, you can pick up your table from JUMP any time after 9am and it must be returned by 5. Partial days are fine, but since lunchtime is the best time of day to recruit students, it is best to make sure you’re tabling then. We recommend tabling on Thursdays because it is the busiest day on campus, however if you would rather table on a different day of the week, please let us know. Fridays are particularly sparse, however there are more returning, local and graduate students on campus, so if you’re targeting that population, you might try a Friday.



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